⚽️ Bedoya and Wagner Not In Plans for 2024

+ Jamaica and Venezuela Get Results

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Good morning. While the Union was hosting media for their annual media fantasy camp, news was breaking that captain Alejandro Bedoya would not be back. So much for a slow news week with the international break.

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  1. ➡️ Bedoya and Wagner Not in Union Plans for 2024

  2. 🇯🇲🇻🇪 Jamaica and Venezuela Get Results

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1) ➡️ Bedoya and Wagner Not in Union Plans for 2024

The Athletic reported on Thursday ( Link:💰) that Alejandro Bedoya and Kai Wagner will both not be back in 2024 for the Philadelphia Union.

Wagner is not really a surprise since he’s been hinting at his departure for the last couple weeks after contract talks spilled over into media.

Bedoya, however, feels a little bit like a kick in the teeth to a player who deserves way better than the 20-second conversation that was reported by The Athletic of him being told he wouldn’t be returning.

Does Bedoya retire or go to another club?

That remains an open question and one that he’s earned the dignity and respect over the years leading the team to have a say in. That a media report of him being told he wasn’t coming back - with playoffs pending - not him lifting a trophy and announcing his retirement is a sad twist. Regardless, there’s little reason to not believe that he’ll be a shoe-in for the Ring of Honor.

Our take: Given the Union’s issues with depth this season, not even offering Bedoya a one-year deal for next year with a reduction in salary and an understanding of less playing time is not the greatest way to treat a club legend. At least let the man announce his decision to keep playing next year or retire instead of leaking the info.

2) 🇯🇲🇻🇪 Jamaica and Venezuela Get Results

Jose Martinez wasn’t in the Venezuela team and Damion Lowe and Andre Blake didn’t play for Jamaica but both teams had big results on Thursday.

  • Venezuela ended Brazil’s 15-game winning streak in World Cup qualifying dating back to 2016 with a 1-1 draw.

  • Jamaica punched their ticket to the Nations League quarterfinals with a 4-1 win over Grenada.

Our take: It’s unfortunate all three Union players didn’t play but still good to see their teams getting results and putting them in position to play more meaningful games. Venezuela and Jamaica both have big opportunities with the expanded World Cup field coming for 2026.

3) 🗓️ Tweet of the Day: Ernst Tanner’s 2023

4) 💧 Water Cooler Union Midfielder of the Year

Union Midfielder of the Year

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